Monday, August 11, 2008

Albigna, Switzerland

The forecast for the first few days of our trip wasn't great but there was supposed to be a few hours of sunshine on our first morning so we took advantage of the Albigna cable car and headed up to the Spazzacaldeira. We did a nice sport route to the summit and then thought we'd wonder over to the Fiamma (a 30ft pinnacle of rock)... just for a look. Looking turned to climbing and spurred on by the fact that we might not get another chance to bag objective number one, Matt made a fine ascent to the top of this very precarious pinnacle. Just as I pulled onto the top to join him a flash of lightening and clap of thunder warned us not to push our luck and amazed at what we had achieved we made a hasty retreat back down to the valley. Objective Number One well and truly bagged! Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures that day because it was quite dark, however, John and Toby did the Fiamma several days later and took this fantastic photo of John. Thanks very much to Toby and John for this picture.

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