Friday, April 06, 2012

Rothera, Antarctica

Ever since I got this job, I have been told about what it will be like when the Shack leaves Rothera for the last time at the end of summer. For the wintering team it is a very significant moment. Although we have been living and working together for the last six months, it has been on a bustling, busy and light base full of people and activity. The Shack leaving marks the beginning of winter and the point of no return. I think all of us were looking forward to it with equal measures of trepidation and excitement. The night before the Shack was due to set sail we were invited on board, as is tradition, for drinks and a winterers dinner. Early the next morning, with sore heads and slightly jittery stomachs that had nothing to do with the night before, we all gathered at the wharf to wave her off.

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