Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rothera, Antarctica

George (our base commander) had dropped a hint that there may be a training incident on Wednesday afternoon. So when at lunch time today he got up to "go for a walk around the point" we suggested that maybe he would rather stay indoors with us, safe and sound. There was no persuading him however, and 30 minutes later he had missed his sign-back time. To make matters worse it suddenly turned out that Dr Rob doc was conveniently "in the field, and not coming back", along with Dave, our head FA. Cue mild panic and station wide mayhem. Adam, our comms manager and deputy BC, took control and soon had Scott and me running out to east beach with some immediate aid supplies. We found George in an unhappy state sprawled on the beach with a badly broken leg. This is George, in our capable hands. And me, not holding his neck still (because I kept forgetting I was supposed to), not administering oxygen (because we couldn't make the cylinder work) and giving him anaphylactic shock (because he is allergic to the pain relief I tried to give him). Thanks to Dr Rob doc for the photo (who wasn't in the field afterall).

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