Saturday, March 04, 2006

BOTSWANA Through Rosey's Tinted Spectacles

From Livingstone we left Zambia for good and journeyed into Botswana. I'd been looking forward to Botswana after reading The Ladies Number One Detective Agency. We drove to Sepupa Swamp Stop on the banks of the Okavango Delta where we stayed one night. We then took a very wet boat ride to the Umvuvu bush camp, in the depths of the delta. I think all of us will remember this campsite. I have a very fond memory of sitting on the loo, protected on four sides by a flimsy bamboo shelter, and looking up at the sky to see a proper star-strewn velvet night sky. The next day we were jettied across the delta in mekoros to a house boat where we spent a day and night before leaving the delta and heading into Namibia.

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