Friday, March 24, 2006

SOUTH AFRICA Through Rosey's Tinted Spectacles

From Orange River we had a very long, hot drive over the boarder to Citrusdaal, arriving at sunset. We spent two nights at this wonderful campsite, very green and lush, with a small pool and a massive fridge generously stocked with homebrew and the most delicious iced roobus tea I've ever tasted. These were our last nights in tent No. 7. We then packed up for the last time and drove to Stellenbosch, a university town, very leafy and suburban, a little like Oxford. We had two nights there, one of which Clare chose to spend in more luxery than our Youth Hostel and checked herself into the Stellenbosch County Hospital ;o) From Stellenbosch we made our way to our last port of call- Cape Town. One more last night out with everyone (anyone else remember Iris chasing a poor boy round the restaurant?) and two days sight-seeing before flying home to the UK after 3 wonderful months on the road.

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