Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hippo Beach, Malawi

From Kande Beach we drove to this campsite, arriving in time for lunch. I was delighted to find a little outcrop of granite rocks on the beach so spent the afternoon on the rocks and in the water. There was a sign on the beach warning about the possibility of hippos on the shore at sundown but unfortunately we weren't lucky enough to see them. They were possibly put off by the weather that was brewing at the time I took this picture and was fully underway by night fall. It rained all night and still hadn't stopped by the time we were packing up the tents so we were a very soggy bunch by the time we all clambered back into George. From here we drove south to Blantyre, stopping for one night before heading on to Lilongwe, capital of Malawi but seemingly a rather quiet and small town. After one night in Lilongwe we had a long drive to the Zambian border.

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