Sunday, February 19, 2006

ZAMBIA Through Rosey's Tinted Spectacles

We drove into Zambia from Lilongwe on 19th February. The drive was to take us to South Luanga National Park but we passed through the pine forests of Zombe en route. This area was really beautiful. It was a very rainy, misty day, driving through forested hills, topped with low lying clouds. We passed through a small network of villages with wonderful bread smells wafting in to us. We arrived at South Luanga National Park in the afternoon after a very bumpy drive along an unmade road, through creepers and stopping to decide which rutted track we should take every few metres! We spent 3 nights here with game drives during the day. Next stop was Chipata followed by Lusaka (not to be muddled up with Moussaka). We then drove to Zingerzongwe and Lake Kariba. Here we boarded a house boat and travelled the high seas of Lake Kariba for two nights. We then returned to George and drove to Livingstone and Victoria Falls.

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