Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Fossil Bluff, Antarctica

The only way to travel any distance from Rothera is by plane so we have a lot of flights coming in and out. The pilots mustn’t fly alone so if they are taking a science party out into the field they must have someone to fly back with. Consequently, we all get trained to co-pilot flights (sigh). I got called up on Thursday to co-pilot to Fossil Bluff, a small fuel depot about an hour and a half south of Rothera. There was a fair bit of cloud around so we flew high for most of the journey but landing, both at Fossil Bluff and at Rothera was amazing. Fossil Bluff is set against steep mountains to the west with wide, flat open space to the east. As we flew in we dropped to below the level of the mountain tops to fly alongside them.


Lucy said...

Cool, I've never read a blog from Antarctica before! It's somewhat amazing isn't it?

Amy said...

this all looks so amazing :D you get used to seeing photos of the antarctic on tv etc but i cant believe you're actually there taking them yourself!

Rosey Grant said...

Thank you!

I know what you mean- it's very surreal being here! I wonder if it will feel normal by this time next year!