Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rothera, Antarctica

I'm sorry to keep posting the same views but one picture never seems to do them justice. This is the view west from Old Bransfield looking out across the runway to the edge of the ramp (again!).
I don’t entirely understand this but occasionally Rothera’s power gets a bit clogged up and we have to powerdown the whole base. For the met team this means shutting down all experiments in such a way that will have minimum impact on the data. Once the power is back up we have to restart everything and make sure all the instruments are happy. We had a powerdown on Thursday night, so the met team was ready with their superhero capes and pants outside their tights to save the data. This is us, outside Old Bransfield, during the powerdown, preparing for the momentous task ahead, as only the British can, with a cup of tea. The met team (known as met babes) from left to right, Ross (just-wintered electronics engineer by day, met babe by night), Tom (soon-to-winter electronics engineer by day, met babe by night), and Tamsin (just-wintered full time met babe, my mentor).

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