Monday, November 14, 2011

Rothera, Antarctica

The weather continued to hold over the weekend and into Monday. I took this from outside my office looking west across the bay to the rest of Adeleide Island.
As well as atmospheric science, there is also a lot of marine science at Rothera. For this purpose there are a couple of ribs, which, if not being used for science, can be taken out for pleasure. On Monday evening some very kindly boatmen took a group of us out in both ribs out for a jaunt around Rothera bay. The harbor is at the southern end of the runway where the ribs are lowered into the water on a crane. It was a really spectacular evening with beautiful low sunlight. The bay was full of sea ice, icebergs and sleepy seals. It was incredible how quickly the sea ice came and went, suddenly we were surrounded by it and had to carefully pick our way through, the next minute it had all dissipated.


Amy said...

awh, the seal! This all looks amazing :) xxxx

Jane said...

Looks like Michael after lunch!
What an amazing time, delighted you can post the pics & progress, so envious!